Shanghai ShonJet Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

Published on: 2024-04-09 14:32
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ShonJet Medical is a medical device manufacturing enterprise registered in the Shanghai International Medical Park in September 2006. In the past decade of rapid development, it has gradually formed its own corporate culture: the management mode of state-owned enterprises, the work efficiency of private enterprises, and the rigorous quality control of foreign enterprises. This corporate culture is like exploring the direction of progress for a company's lifeline.

Shanghai ShonJet Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is developed on the basis of the original Shanghai ShonJet Machinery Co., Ltd. The latter was established ten years ago by colleagues from Shanghai Medical Device Factory.

At present, Shanghai ShonJet Medical Equipment is a high-end medical device processing and production enterprise, including precision mechanical processing of medical devices, assembly and debugging of medical devices, research and manufacturing of radiation medical equipment, and related after-sales services. After ten years of effort, a company has been built in the Shanghai International Medical Park with complete production equipment and complete living facilities, and production equipment has reached the international advanced level.

ShonJet Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed rapidly since entering the Shanghai International Medical Park. The management philosophy of state-owned enterprises, including a sound management mechanism and humanized management methods, has been an unchanging philosophy upheld by ShonJet for the past decade.

The management philosophy of ShonJet, which originated from state-owned enterprises, is a natural continuation rather than a transplant. For ShonJet Medical, the humanized management of state-owned enterprises is also a long-term and effective management concept.