Shanghai ShonJet Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

ShonJet Medical is a medical device manufacturing enterprise registered in the Shanghai International Medical Park in September 2006. In the past decade of rapid development, it has gradually formed its own corporate culture: the management mode of state-owned enterprises, the work efficiency of private enterprises, and the rigorous quality control of foreign enterprises. This corporate culture is like exploring the direction of progress for a company's lifeline.

A sound management mechanism and a ten-year unchanged concept

Shanghai ShonJet Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is developed on the basis of the original Shanghai ShonJet Machinery Co., Ltd. The latter was established ten years ago by colleagues from Shanghai Medical Device Factory.

At present, Shanghai ShonJet Medical Equipment is a high-end medical device processing and production enterprise, including precision mechanical processing of medical devices, assembly and debugging of medical devices, research and manufacturing of radiation medical equipment, and related after-sales services. After ten years of effort, a company has been built in the Shanghai International Medical Park with complete production equipment and complete living facilities, and production equipment has reached the international advanced level.

ShonJet Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed rapidly since entering the Shanghai International Medical Park. The management philosophy of state-owned enterprises, including a sound management mechanism and humanized management methods, has been an unchanging philosophy upheld by ShonJet for the past decade.

The management philosophy of ShonJet, which originated from state-owned enterprises, is a natural continuation rather than a transplant. For ShonJet Medical, the humanized management of state-owned enterprises is also a long-term and effective management concept.

ShonJet has a "home culture" - only by providing employees with a sense of security and belonging can they unite with the company and form a community of interests.

To this end, the company has established party organizations and trade unions to explore new models of political and ideological work under the new economic system. ShonJet not only implements public disclosure of company affairs, but also frequently communicates with employees about the company's situation. The chairman of the company also has regular employee reception days and sets up an employee feedback box.

ShonJet Medical introduces mature talents from society and recruits fresh graduates every year, providing a learning platform for technical cadres, organizing employee training, and enabling them to learn and excel within the company.

State owned enterprises have always said that employees are the masters of the enterprise, but ShonJet Medical's state-owned management is telling every employee that employees and the enterprise are a community of interests.

Efficient operational mechanism to meet customer needs

The humanized management derived from state-owned enterprises will increase the cost of the enterprise., ShonJet Medical can tolerate an increase in total labor costs without affecting its competitiveness in the industry - this requires strong operational efficiency support to digest the increased costs.

Management is also productivity. However, relatively speaking, the management of state-owned enterprises is relatively complete, but there are many levels that affect efficiency, and there are also many phenomena of overcrowding. We believe that "what we should absorb is the essence of state-owned enterprise management, and discard its dross in the process of absorption and digestion".

For this reason, ShonJet is also introducing some advanced management concepts - that is, establishing an efficient operating system, improving efficiency with a flat management approach, quick response at fewer levels, etc., to ensure that functions are in place and assessments are in place.

"Efficient operation is the main characteristic of the company, and ShonJet serves foreign-funded enterprises. Faced with the high efficiency requirements of foreign enterprises, our operating mechanism must start from the market, reduce management levels, and ensure that the enterprise responds efficiently to the market."

On the basis of state-owned enterprise style human centered management, ShonJet Medical has improved to a flat management, streamlined management institutions, and granted relevant departments corresponding authority, which can accelerate the response speed to customer needs.

For this reason, ShonJet Medical established a management department in 2010 to further improve and perfect the internal management mechanism of the enterprise, supervise and coordinate the work and relationships of various departments, with the goal of further improving efficiency and meeting customer needs.

International quality management philosophy is the guarantee for enterprise development

Stability and good quality are the unremitting goals pursued by ShonJet Medical, and providing customers with first-class products is the direction of ShonJet Medical's development.

Since its establishment, the total supply of products to German enterprises has been maintained at over 60%. In cooperation with German enterprises, the German people's rigorous, serious, and meticulous spirit of quality has also deeply integrated into ShonJet Medical's quality concept.

For this reason, ShonJet Medical adopts international advanced equipment as the main production body, including German TRUMATIC CNC punching machines, German technology laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, and machining centers for large workbenches. Welding machines and welding platforms are all made of German and Japanese products, and welding robots produced by ABB in Sweden are also used. The production management system is controlled using ERP software.

ShonJet Medical adheres to the quality policy of "leading technology, first-class quality, excellent service, and customer first", and continuously strives for progress with the spirit of seeking truth and innovation. After ten years of development and accumulation, ShonJet Medical has successively passed the ISO-9001 quality system certification of the German authoritative certification body TUV. The enterprise has gathered a group of experienced professional talents with strong talent and technical reserves, and has passed the certification of TUV-3834-3 in Germany.

ShonJet Medical has also introduced advanced quality management and control systems. In product production, whenever quality control is found to be out of control, a strict quality control mechanism immediately operates - every product has a "quality clinic". In the process of long-term cooperation with foreign-funded enterprises, especially in dealing with large German medical companies, we increasingly feel the rigor of foreign-funded enterprises, especially their strict quality requirements.

Through continuous reflection and improvement, ShonJet Medical has become closer to foreign-funded enterprises and gradually gained recognition from customers. Unconsciously, the quality concept and culture of foreign-funded enterprises have gradually integrated into the management culture of ShonJet Medical, improving their management level and level.

For this diverse intersection of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and foreign enterprises, our company is still very pleased: "With such a solid software and hardware foundation, especially after entering the international medical park, our business with foreign enterprises has made significant progress, and new foreign enterprises have continuously joined us as partners of ShonJet."

Talents are wealth, and cultivating talents is the firm direction of enterprises

Since ShonJet Medical independently developed medical X-ray diagnostic equipment, we have a correct positioning in the entire medical device industry chain, determined the research and development direction, and determined personnel training plans. In 2013, the R&D expenses increased to 11.2% of the output value, recruiting high-end talents for R&D from society, recruiting and cultivating talents from universities, and cultivating technical talents from skilled workers. In 2012, a three-year training plan was signed with four college students recruited into the company, and a phased evaluation was conducted annually. Four college students independently undertook project research and development.

The medical radiation industry is an integrated technology product of optics, mechanics, and electronics. The development of enterprises not only requires R&D personnel, but also the training of technical workers, which is a key focus of our enterprise. In 2013, we signed a three-year training plan for 9 production backbone members on the front line of the enterprise. Clear stage goals, assessment linked to benefits, greatly mobilized the work enthusiasm of blue collar employees in the enterprise, and significantly improved product quality.

ShonJet Medical is a medical device manufacturing enterprise that has transitioned from a processing oriented to a product oriented approach, and we also feel that the decisive factor for enterprise development today is people. Talent, core technology, and market are the fundamental factors for the survival and development of enterprises. We have made great attempts in talent cultivation in response to the characteristics of enterprise development in recent years, and the results have been very obvious. In 2013, we independently developed six medical X-ray equipment and obtained 14 utility model patents and one invention patent. Undertaked the research and development of a product in the Ministry of Health's catastrophic medical device program. In 2011, it was rated as a "Shanghai High tech Enterprise".

So through several years of practice in talent planning, we have deeply realized the role of talent in the development of enterprises. Whether it is technical research and development talents or technical workers, as long as the enterprise cultivates them with care, they are our wealth. Only by treating talents as wealth can enterprises have the potential for development. Creating core technologies with talents and exploring markets with talents is our firm direction for ShonJet Medical.